The New Anguilla Tourism Awards.

All things mean more when they are not only done locally but made from locally. Yes there is  difference.

At Alloyds one of the things I am pushing a lot are locally made or custom made awards. Definitely having a great time working with company and initiatives, creating awards unique to them and the image the are trying to uphold. Branding, branding, branding.

The idea behind the new Anguilla Tourism Awards is a deep as it is simple. Locally purchases and crafted mahogany with mirrored acrylic plates displaying subtly, the award being received and the awardee along with the logo of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, the Anguilla Tourist Board and the Government of Anguilla; the three entities responsible to  supporting the majority of this awards gala and ceremony. We also have the direct award sponsor's name on each award. However what really puts the icing on this cake is the fact the the mirrored acrylic reflects the face of the person looking at the award, so the recipient is viewing their award while also physically being represented on the award as well. Does it get more personal?

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